2020 2nd Billfish Classic
2021 3rd Billfish Classic & Champion visiting team
2016 WINNERS Billfish Classic
2015 All Girl Team Billfish Classic – Sails raised 578
2014  Champion boat over 7.5m – Sails raised 690
2013  WINNERS Billfish Classic
WINNERS of the A.I.B.T, Champion Angler
Sails raised 810
2012  Champion Senior Sails raised 991
2011  Third Billfish Classic – Sails raised 440
2010  WINNERS Billfish Classic, Champion Angler SAT tags with Dr Julian Pepperal
Sails raised 707
2009  Second Billfish Classic – Sails raised 537
2008  21 Sails in 4 hrs, 130kg Black – Sails raised 623
2007  40 Sails in a day 128 over 5 days – Sails raised 723
2005  Second Billfish Classic, Rowley Shoal – Sails raised 847

All sailfish and Marlin caught are switch baited using teasers, dead bait and soft platics only.
This method has been adopted to avoid damage to the fish and boredom to the anglers.

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What a year to run a business let a lone a charter operation, with the Covid 19 sweeping the world and Western Australia shutting its boarders. After the initial shock we realised that the world was going to continue regardless we launched Billistic. It wasn’t until the end of June and a fare amount of maintenance that we were on the water only to get clobbered by gusting Easterlies.
Good stocks of Sailfish proved to be our salvation and with the tournament looming and not much work around I asked my long time friend Jas if he’d like to fish for the then one day tournament & later two day for free.
Of course he said yes and grabbed a crew of blokes who were probably more suited to the golf course than the back of a game boat but after giving them a test run on the Friday before they proved me wrong with 18 sails between them. Good skipper I recon by the 1st day we were leading with 21 Sails which surprised all of us. The 2nd & last day we only managed 10 Sails and missed the accolades by 2 fish, close but not close enough.
The rest of the season has fished very well, best day was a sol charter who managed 17 sails on his own and most fish had to be relocate owing to the grey coat brigade getting tooo friendly. We finished up the year with 28 charters which was amazing and a bloody big thank you to everyone who made it possible.
As for the crystal ball for 2021 I can only wish everyone a positive year ahead and good health, seeyu then.

Days @ sea 28
Sailfish Released 176
Sails Raised 623
Marlin saw 3
Cobia 8
Spaniards 13
Tuna 6
Wahoo 1


Probably the year I forgot! Unremarkable to quote our former Premier (Barnett). Sailfish never really came to the party heaps of hungry sharks hens the truck load of cobia that escort the sharks. Crystal ball 2020 will be a huge year with heaps of sails seeyu then

Days @ sea 41
Sailfish Raised 320
Sails Released 70
Cobia 20
Marlin 3
Spaniards 61
Nthn Bluefin 48


Outstanding year for sailfish and quiet on the marlin front. Started off well with over 100 Sails being released in the first three sets of tides, Ringo went to work in Darwin so Shannon came back for half the season and I finished off with Bec (my first and not last female deck hand).

Had a great start to the 30th Anniversary Billfish Classic with a team of veterans including x deckie’s Rob and Ringo, Jason three time winner and Bec from last yr. Days 1 & 2 probuced over 32 Sails in heavy fog, this was some of the best sail fishing I’ve had in over 30yrs. The remainder of the tournament was in the words of our now X premier – unremarkable

Fisheries are going to have to pull there heads out from the sand and manage the shark fishery a lot better than they are. We relocated over 35 Silfish out of 216 caught this season, this is fine for bigger boats but nearly impossible to execute in smaller vessels.  My advise to Fisheries is "Listen to the people who are fishing for a living”  I wish!!

Starting the season off a little latter next year and looking for a new Deck hand for 2019 (male or female) so if you know anyone

Crystal Ball for 2019   MORE SAILFISH!! and may the Fish & Weather Gods be with us.

Days @ sea 53

Sailfish Raised 847 

Sailfish Hooked 348 

Sailfish Released 216

Marlin 13  Released 3

Spanish Mac 20

Tuna 3

Cobia 6

GT’s 9


After a disastrous 2016 season, there was a marked improvement with sailfish hungry and in good numbers, thank heavens. I put this down to NOT tagging the sailfish as its been observed that boats tagging sailfish had sharks all over them.

We’ve been using the Free Release method and re-locate the fish up to 1 kilometre from the problem. The fish is bought onboard a deck wash placed in its mouth and its eyes covered with a wet towel. With the assistance of the customers it’s been very successful and a bonus for those close photos; us one -sharks nil!!

Good numbers of marlin this year saw us come 3rd in the Billfish Classic with 5 caught on Billistic on the 1st day. It was a great effort from our team Andrew, Nick, Gin & Bec who had never fished together and the competition was fierce.

Well done Bec for catching the largest marlin for the tournament.

Crystal Ball for 2018 Big things and the 30th anniversary of the Broome Billfish Classic, can’t wait - Bring em on!!

Days @ sea 51

*** 85% Hookup on sailfish

Sailfish 512 Hooked 180 Released 154

Marlin 61 Hooked 21 Released 20

Spanish Mac 40

Tuna 11

Cobia 9


On the board in 2016 with a convincing win in the Broome Billfish Classic saw Team Billistic (Jason Bull, Joe, Pete & trusted deckie Ringo) doubling everyones score and taking out the classic. Winners are grinners.

Broome is getting over one of its biggest El nino and it shows, hopefully we've seen the end of it and things level out in 2021. The Sailfish didn't start turning up until mid September with large pods, and sightings of over 150 fish cruising the surface but they were decidedly gun shy. They disappeared in late October and our season finished.

Days @ Sea 58

Sailfish raised (behind boat) 514
Sailfish hooked 93
Sailfish released 78
Marlin raised 13
Marlin released 3
Spanish Mackerel 97
Cobia 6
Tuna 3
GT's 2



Well what a start to the season! Sailfish & bait turned up @ Barred Ck early and stuck around till the start of the tournament in July. Great to see the small boats getting in on the action with good captures only 2-4Nm off shore. The Spanish mackerel also in force & stuck around for most of the year with our best day accounting for over 100 in 5.5hrs on a hot bite in August.

This year we sported an All Girl crew for the tournament, Jenny, Kelly, Mel & Dee Team Allure . The girls are dedicated fisho's and didn't leave their positions on the back deck, all day every day which helps win tournaments, they're welcome to fish with us anytime they like. Sailfish decided to relocate from Barred Ck the week before the tournament, consequently fish numbers were down on previous years.

The sailfish didn't really get back on their feet till late September when we had some barrel (Tuna) fisho's from Melbourne on Billistic and after getting the hang of egg beaters showed they really could fish.
I learnt a few good lessons this year, just as well we never stop learning!!. New improved teasers Mark IV that work well, both in deep water as well as shallow (deadly) is probably all I'm going to say on that subject.

2016 Crystal Ball probably a slow start to the season and just as well as my partner Liz turns a young 60 and we're off travelling till May, season is going to be a blitzed with a truck load of Sails Yeah!!

Days @ sea 58
*** 89% Hookup for 2015
Sailfish raised (behind boat) 578
Sailfish hooked 196
Sailfish released 176
Marlin raised 14
Marlin released 3
Tuna 17
Spanish Mackerel 264
Cobia 8



A Lack lustre year would best describe 2014, Sails were around early April/May in good numbers and didn't re-appear till late June. Fishing improved right up to end of November when we found good numbers but nearly 40Nm North (No good for anyone) except the fuel companies.

The tournament went well with our team from Mooloolaba winning over 7.5m and champion Angler as well as runner up veteran. Mind you once the boys worked out how to use the spinning reels, things got a hole lot better. I managed to get a couple of weeks off mid season and fished the H.I.B.T. in Hawaii from our win in the AIBT last year. Amazing fishing a beautiful place to do it, but there's more Sails in Broome, I would however recommend thou that skippers shouldn't fish on other peoples boats!.

Sailfish definitely found good pastures over the 2013/14 wet season, average size was 25-35kg a big improvement over 2013. However to raise even more Sails I've changed the teaser pattern and the results are very impressive. Look out 2015.Crystal Ball for 2015, should be a bumper year with a good mix of fish and hopefully more marlin.

Days @ Sea 59

Sailfish raised (behind boat) 690
Sailfish hooked 254
Sails released 190
Marlin raised 9
Marlin released 5
Tuna 30
Spanish Mackerel 134
Cobia 4



WOW!! what a Sailfish/Marlin season we've had in 2013 and the best Marlin season since I don't know when. Sailfish started turning up in good numbers early June and ramped up to an amazing finish in November. Well they're still there just need some fit punters to handle the northwesters, it should fish well up to December.

Back at the helm of Billistic with a new deckie Shannon and a hunger for fish, talk about baptism of fire, Shannon went from never seeing a Sail/Marlin in June to tracing over 260 bills for the season. His best challenge was during the tournament with the pressure on the last day and a hot bite that boated us 21 Sails & secured the Sailfish Tournament, A.I.B.T. Champion Boat, Angler & runner up Angler. Top effort fellas & well done Jason.

SHARKs!! mmm there has to be something done sooner than later, someone is going to get hurt. We've adopted boating the Sails/Marlin, placing the deck wash in their mouth and driving off when confronted with up to a dozen sharks around the boat. Works well and when the fish are released they don't muck around, amazing what a shot of oxygen does.

Crystal Ball for 2014: We're having good rains before Christmas and expecting a moderate Wet so things should be back to normal (whatever that is) neutral El nino for 2014. The Sails were small in size and should have grown to 15+kg so all is looking good.

Days @ Sea   58

Sailfish Raised (behind boat)


Sailfish Hooked 308
Sailfish Released 235
Marlin Raised 75
Marlin Hooked 34
Marlin Released 30
Spanish Mackerel 79
Tuna 41
Queenfish 15
Cobia 2




Just when you thought it was safe to come out and play the La Nina returned mid year & threw everything up in the air. Sailfish were scarce in the early parts of the season & only really showed their faces in late June when I entrusted Billistic to my long time deckie/skipper Rob Robinson & Ringo the man on the Deck. 

Both fella's are Champion anglers & produced some interesting figures on the Sails for the later part of the season. Best day was 16 Sails and several baker dozen's throughout the year. The Broome Sailfish Tournament fished well, considering they stuffed the good tides up. Line honours went to Waverider II (congrat's to Pav). It was rumoured that Champion senior angler went to a young fella who's usually yelling orders on Billistic not taking them, things will be back to normal 2013.

Good numbers of Northern Bluefin Tuna & Spanish Mackerel were everywhere, at one stage I wasn't quite sure if we were a Game fishing outfit or or a Sport fishing boat.

Crystal Ball for 2013; With the world fishery being hammered, top predator, the shark has to find new grounds closer to shore where prey is easier to catch (man & fish incl.). I just hope the Fisheries dept. get there heads out of the sand & stop telling us that its a healthy fishery and do something about it. As for a sustainable fishery lets just leave it up to government, they know whats best for us???  they can OK a heap of LNG's along the Australian coast line then no more problems & no sustainable fishery.

According to the BOM we can expect a neutral state for La nina/Elnino in the first half 2013. With unusual action off (unremarkable???) Prices pt. in 2012 fuel burn/travel time will be up next yr and fishing good.

Days @ Sea               76

Sailfish Raised (behind boat) 991
Sailfish Strikes 507
Sailfish Released 207
Marlin Raised 34
Marlin Strikes 18
Marlin Released 12
Spanish Mackerel 82
Tuna 118
Queenfish 36
Cobia   6




A decided lack of fish & a La Nina can explain a poor season in Broome and why most of our warm water & fish are still on there way back from Perth. The first half of our season was void of our usual mobs of Sails, Mackerel & pretty much anything that had gills and only got slightly better towards the end.

After last years Wintery Broome Sailfish Tournament the weather & fish Gods decided to play ball. Reasonable numbers of Sails started to appear for the tournament, better late than never. Our team of locals fished there way to the top of the pack with consistency, best day fishing bagged them 9 out of 13 Sails but at the end of the day had to settle for third place overall, still a great effort.

Murphy's law was the case with a 20kg Northern Bluefin Tuna coming to the boat and with pics taken and congratulating all round we slid the fish back into the water to swim another day. The next day found us in the record books finding the WA State record on 10kg was 13 odd Kilo's mmm.

Crystal Ball for 2012; well after last years prediction falling short, we're hopefully looking forward to our fish stocks & warm water returning from their holiday down south. Woodside isn't going away and the Greens have decided to get into the picture, this could see a major effect on our very well maintained and sustainable Sailfishery.

Days @ Sea               77

Sailfish Raised (behind boat) 440
Sailfish Strikes 236
Sailfish Released 188
Marlin Raised 14
Marlin Strikes 8
Marlin Released 8
Spanish Mackerel 102
Tuna 18
Queenfish 110




Well what a year!  Big numbers of Sails inundated Barred Ck early in the season with pods of up to 15 Sails numerous.

2010 has definitely been one of the most extreme years I can remember; fishing has been fantastic, weather average. 

We conducted the 1st ever successful Satellite Tagging program on Sailfish with Dr Julian Pepperell.
Finally (after 21yrs) we Won the Broome Sailfish Tournament; in what could only be described as crap weather (30-40knt cold winds possibly the worst for 21yrs).

The final day saw our team down by three fish but with high spirit's and with a hot two hour bite on the tide change that earned us 3 Marlin & 3 Sails we found ourselves three fish in front of the tournament leader "The Boss".
Sailfish ranged from 8kg to 40kg in size & best day was 20 tagged with 64 fish released in 6 days.

Crystal Ball for 2011 subject to opinion, I'd be surprised if we get a big wet so probably much the same as 2010 with fish numbers up earlier in the year and fading in late Oct /Nov. Woodside are still surveying James Prices Point as the world's largest LNG plant hub and intend on dredging a turn around area equivalent size as Ayres Rk, this is of course if it goes ahead?>

Days @ Sea               83

Sailfish Raised (behind boat) 707
Sailfish Strikes  320
Sailfish Released 249
Marlin Raised  14
Marlin Strikes 7
Marlin Released  7
Spanish Mackerel  142
Tuna   11
Queenfish 72
Cobia   3



2009 fished well early in the season with the Sails very close to Barred Ck, you could have cast to them from the rocks (Billistic was even getting gravel rash it was so close). Mid season saw the fish move Nth for a short while and then settle around the Peanut (28Nm Nth of Broome), where they remained for the duration of the season. Fishing slowed down towards Sept/Oct/Nov which was unusual and hence all numbers of both Sailfish & Marlin were down accordingly.

Mackerel & Tuna were around in good numbers and we managed to avoid most big schools, as our target species were Sailfish & Marlin. You'd be amazed at how much damage a few Mac's can do to a set of teasers. Best results for the year was in the tournament with 17 Sails for one day and a total of 38 Sailfish, 1 Marlin and second place. Watch out 2010

2010 crystal ball. Well so far it's been an average wet season, so a late season should be on the cards. As a rule, the bigger the wet, the more bait is around which means lots of Sails!!

*** Did you know that Woodside, pushed by the W.A. state government, is looking at digging a channel right thru the middle of the Peanut, a favourite fishing spot for sailfish. This should be great for Australia's Number One Sailfish destination!! This is to accommodate the SUPER TANKERS that need access to the 10 Hectare Liquid Natural Gas( LNG) plant with an overall 2400 Hectare exclusion zone that is going to (DIS)grace the beautiful coastline south of Prices Point. They call this progress!!

Stay tunes for more updates. 

Here are the stats for 2009.

Fishing days at Sea 56 
Sailfish Raised     537
(behind the boat)
Sailfish Strikes     244
Sailfish Releases   187
Marlin Raised       22
Marlin Strikes       8
Marlin Released  8
Spanish Mackerel  44
Northern Bluefin Tuna   9
Queenfish  8



2008 started off well for Mackerel & Tuna fisho's that is, but a las the Sailfish/Marlin I'd rather not talk about them; it was't until September that the bulk of Sailfish/Marlin turning up. There was some exceptional days fishing from Sept to November with the best bite coming in October with some local's doing a great job of 21 Sails in 4.5hrs fishing Yes there was a lot of encouragement from up top.

The best weeks fishing nailed some of my regular fisho's from Perth some excellent fishing with an average daily catch of around 13 Sails with a best day of 18 & a couple of Marlin, not bad!!

On the Marlin front numbers and size with down on 2007 with 24 raised & 11 released which isn't a bad conversion rate, average size being 40kg, and largest fish was 130kg ish.

Spanish Mackerel were good for the first half of the year with 159 captures but petted out towards the end average being 10kg. Tuna weren't to be seen all yr, must have gone some where but not Broome with only 17 finding the hook. 

As for the excuses  for the bad start to the Sailfish/Marlin season I think Global warming is starting to have an effect. 

We're hoping for a good wet season in 2009 which should even out the years fishing, fingers crossed and coupled with some serious preying to the fish gods we should have a good 2009 season.

Fishing days @ sea = 69 
Sailfish Raised 623
Sailfish Strikes 339
Sailfish Released 221
Marlin Raised 24
Marlin Strikes 11
Marlin Released 11
Spanish Mackerel captures 159
Tuna 17



2007 started off slowly with Sailfish/Marlin not turning up in any significant numbers till later in the year, total Sails/Marlin raised was 754 with 270 released out of 66 days.

Best results came in September, October & early November with a Hot bite in October seeing 128 Sails released out of 385 over a 5 day period.

The best day was 40 Sails out of 95 behind the boat, not bad!!

Marlin were definitely down in both numbers and size with only 31 raised & 8 released average size being 30kg, some larger fish were sighted up to 150kg

Spanish Mackerel were constant through out the year with 207 captures some good fish weighing up to 30kg and the average being 10kg. Tuna were not in great abundance with only 71 finding the hook. Large bait schools contributed to the slow start to the Sailfish/Marlin season. Good arches and marks were prevalent but most were on the bottom; it wasn't till later in the year when the bait came to the surface that the fishing improved.

Fishing days @ sea = 66
Sailfish Raised 723
Sailfish Strikes 345
Sailfish Released 262
Marlin Raised 31
Marlin Strikes 9
Marlin Released 8
Spanish Mackerel captures 207
Tuna 71 & Cobia 4



SAILFISH Statistics for the year 2006

2006 fished well with an overall 653 billfish raised
187 Sails & 16 Marlin up to 220kg being released also good catches of Spanish Mackerel early in the year
Sailfish Charters = 82 days
Sailfish Raised 603
Sailfish Strikes 224
Sailfish Released 187
Marlin Raised 50
Marlin Strikes 22
Marlin Released 16
Spanish Mackerel Captures 118 
Tuna Northern Blue's 76 
Cobia 2
Queenfish 12



SAILFISH Statistics for the year 2005
Sailfish Charters = 72 days
Sailfish Raised & sighted 847
Sailfish Strikes 359
Sailfish Hook ups 291
Sailfish Released 245
Marlin Raised 21
Marlin Strikes 9
Marlin Hook ups 8
Marlin Released 7
Spanish Mackerel Captures 364
Tuna Northern Blue's 118
Cobia 11


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