"Billistic" - the game fishing boat

'Billistic' has been designed and built in Broome by Rod Wellington a local boat builder. Constructed to 2C 8x2 survey our vessel is a fast and manoeuvrable purpose built Game fishing boat specifically designed for Sailfishing in Broome.

Launched in June 2003 the vessel has been designed for Sailfishing in light to medium seas. Measuring 40' overall she has a 3.6m beam and 360° walk around configuration, this enables multiple hookups with the ability of utilising the front of the boat to split the fish up. Doubles, Triples & Quads of Sailfish are common.

Additionally 'Billistic' has the advantage of a 5m tower complete with Morse electronic controls and full inventory which assist's in spotting Sails from a distance and in the teaser pattern.

'Billistic' has been re-powered in March 2012 with twin New 240HP Yanmar diesels which give a top end speed of around 37 knots and cruise speed of 24 knots, a good balance of speed and economy.

The cabin area has heaps of shade and comfortable seating with a fridge freezer for drinks and YES there’s a flushing toilet down stairs. 'Billistic' has been designed as a fishing platform, not a Gin palace, where it misses out on glitz it makes up on with fishability and speed to get to the fishing grounds.

Broome fishing grounds vary in distance depending on the time of year so having a top speed of 37 knots and cruising capabilities around 22 to 24 knots makes the fishing grounds just that little bit closer.

About Our Company

Local knowledge - Experience and History of operating since 1996 – what a Winning Combination!!

Our vessel ‘Billistic’ has been custom built/designed in Broome just to chase Sailfish/Marlin and it does it very well. With 360º walk around – heaps of shade and room you’d expect from a custom 11.5m Game Fishing platform.

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About Broome

Broome is arguably one of the hottest Sailfish destinations in Australia.

With its calm aqua waters, rich abundance of wild life, it is a hard place to beat and what a great holiday destination! With heaps of things to do and places to go, bring your family and enjoy the "Broome Time Lifestyle".

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